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Chest Infection & Fibroplegia

Published on 14 July 2023 at 22:56

Turns Out... I DID Have A Chest Infection. The GP Came Out almost Immediately  to see me, after being called up, turning up just before 6pm, the same day.

I was absolutely Shocked. But, it looks like I may have done myself a favour in doing so - Evidentially,  Paranoia Can Be A Good Thing... And Even Right. And I possibly may have caught it before it Wrecked Me, again. 

But that IS showing that the Aspirating thing is VERY Bad. And it's rattling my chest worse since I aspirated again Twice today... 

It's starting to feel like there are certain things are Getting Worse, or more... Prevalent... With My Fibroplegia Symptoms -- and they are causing me GREAT Distress...

I can't do things like Hold My Tablets - they just fall out of my hand(s) and slam into the floor before I know what's even happened.

I go into BlackOut before I know what's happened and find myself in a horribly awful Hallucination whilst I am there.

I tremble and twitch so badly that typing or gaming is difficult to impossible to manage with hands and fingers that cannot work properly.

After doing to me, there is only I want to do that, is because they twitch and click on mouse buttons they shouldn't have, hit the incorrect keys, to push other random things -- or keep your finger on one key for a long while.

Trembling is getting VERY Bad. My Hands & Fingers are almost rigid, and my fingers won't move properly at all - and certainly don't seem to even know how to grip things, they're so weak...

The BlackOuts, ZoneOuts & Zone-Out Hallucinations are all REALLY BAD -- and the Hallucinations are Disturbingly Real & Frighteningly Disturbing...

The Spasms, Paresthesia, The Buzzing, The Body Trembling, The Jackhammer Vibrations --- VERY VERY Awful to have to live with, deal with.

Then there is swallowing, aspirating, coughing situation... Which is Utterly Deplorable. Impossible to live with.


And with So. Much. STRESS. That is happening to me now -- On Top Of All The Stress I have Already Been Through. 


Trembling, Shaking, Losing Consciousness and/or Hallucinating BADLY was ALL that Tonight was about.... I Aspirated [Again] on More Coffee When Taking 7pm Meds - and COUGH GOT WORSE AGAIN... And that was after I did The Same Thing With Morning Meds, too.


So, now... Throat keeps eliciting Sounds, Squeaks & Wheezes ALL THE TIME..... And They Are REALLY Creeping Me OUT

Struggling with Lucidity of ANY Kind.. Have been Zoning and in BlackOuts ALL NIGHT -- FOR HOURS.... Mass Effect was a Guy-Wrenching POINTLESS EXERCISE that caused a DRAGON, UPSET, ANGRY & DESPAIR...

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