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Rumour In The Truth - NOVEL


Superstar Music Icon Luke Heartlett is getting over the breakup with his last girlfriend, Catwalk Supermodel Tara. It’s the latest frenzy in the entertainment media and they make sure the world is plastered with it,

One day, it’s clear that he’s found his rebound, with a unknown girl caught in a “lover’s tiff” argument with him one night, outside a romantic restaurant. The Celebrity Superstar then jets off with said unknown girl to Paris for a romantic week away. He’s seen with her in the airport leaving for Paris and coming back, hand in hand both times, leaving the media’s personnel excitedly tittering about it.

The Media Journalists then also love talking all about Luke Heatlett’s New Girlfriend, Tara’s behaviour, and talking about “his newfound happiness” with the Surpermodel at every opportunity, too.



Superstar Music Icon Luke Heartlett is getting over the breakup with his last girlfriend, Tara—  Actually, scratch that — he’s trying to get over the media scrutiny and obsessive interest in the breakup.


Rachel Adams is twenty-five and working hard at trying to ignore her past, and works almost as hard at a posh French Restaurant in a waitressing job that she hates. She's stuck renting a Studio Apartment that's smaller than some bathrooms, her dreams beyond her, and nothing much going on for her whatsoever. Stuck-in-a-Rut had become more like Tied-To-A-Rut-With-Zip-Lock-Ties.


One night, outside the Restaurant, they both literally run into each other and get into an argument about it, in the middle of the street. It's an argument that changes both their lives, with irrevocable consequences. 


A Photo Journalist captures Rachel yelling at Luke for running into her, and Luke vehemently denying it, both irate by the other's denial of culpability, and insistence of laying the blame on the opposite party. The Journalist immediately takes the photo-stills of this, and runs with the story that she’s his girlfriend and berating him for something, in a "lover's quarrel" situation. The "breaking news" of Heartthrob Music Icon Luke Heartlett already being "caught" with another woman was an immediate sensation in the Entertainment "news", causing both to be entirely shocked the next morning to find out what article writers had been busy reporting through the night and morning.

The story had been written, re-written, blogged, Tweeted, pasted all over Social Media thousands of times already, immediately making this story "Entertainment Gospel" — thus giving Luke an “out” with the Media regarding Tara. All he needs to do is convince them Rachel is his girlfriend for now, until they need to “break up”. Foolproof!


Except, well, Rachel isn’t easily impressed, or starstruck — and thinks he’s a “Class-A Idiot who’s so up himself, he can probably see through his own mouth”. But he NEEDS this story to work, so he does everything he can to make it work. Even ignore the fact that she absolutely hates him and can’t stand him… and the fact he’s more than a little smitten with the first person to refuse to kiss his feet and tell him to stop being a celebrity musician.