• Autistic
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hemiplegic Migraine
  • C-PTSD
  • Wheelchaiar Whizzer

Kushtie T. Chariot

It was only when I absolutely no longer move my legs on my own at all, that I had to drag them around after me... That it finally Dawned On Me -- 

This Is REAL...


Then my off-the-peg tank of a crappy make-do-for now chair caused 4 Solid Hours of Spasms, that I conceded to getting a "Proper" chair.

Technically, Kushtie is my 3rd "proper" Chair, but by All Gods...



Priority: Freedom

The Journey To Accepting I Needed A Wheelchair Forever

Some people, like I did, will believe that doing anything to walk, struggling to walk, is the best option...
Is what affords you dignity.


Trust me, it doesn't.


Fibromyalgia/"Fibroplegia" was costing me EVERYTHING -- Including my body. It had been struggling and FAILING since Day One; yet the Rheumatologist at Whipps Cross Hospital went and told me Not To Worry because "It's Not Degenerative".



Well. Maybe Fibromyalgia isn't... But FIBROPLEGIA ...IS.


It also took about 90% Sense of Touch from everywhere that Wasn't Paralysed...

I could barely move my legs or stand on them, but still I insisted on pushing & exhausting myself -- walking just a few more paces, insisting I wasn't going to give up my "right" to walk. I just made my condition worse, pushed myself too much, and literally got nowhere.


I pushed myself like this until the very end...

Yet, there's a chance I could have exasperated it; Brought it on Sooner... Maybe.  


It was only when I absolutely no longer move my legs on my own at all, that I had to drag them around after me, when my off-the-peg tank of a crappy chair caused 4 hours of spasms, that I conceded to getting a "Proper" wheelchair.


And once I got the right one... suddenly the world opened up to me in a way that was never available to me before, once this impossible, impenetrable Condition had started to truly take hold of me.


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