• Autistic
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hemiplegic Migraine
  • C-PTSD
  • Wheelchaiar Whizzer

Read an Extract from the book - Lisa's day out with Sebastian... causing creating dilemmas, confusion, and showing unwavering friendship and loyalty both ways.

Star Attraction

SUMMERY: Background To Extract:

Lisa Ryan has been in love with her best friend since they met in the first year of high school. However, at sixteen, just before they sat their GCSEs, he left suddenly with his twin brother for California, having been offered life-changing acting roles or both of them, as well as training and schooling. Lisa wad left bereft of her best friend and had only Sally, her other best friend, to count on after that.

              Sebastian and Caspian De Carr went on to dominate Hollywood and the Box Office over the next eleven years. Sebastian was the ultimate “leading man heart-throb”, whilst Caspian was an incredible character actor, enjoying working with Indie filmmakers as well as the big studios. Both were super-rich superstars – and all Lisa could so was watch them in movies, on the TV, or online, looking at pictures of her friends growing up and getting brain-meltingly famous, whilst she struggled through her own life. She headed for London, and built a successful career in IT, and enjoyed herself making money from one of her favourite hobbies – working with computers

After  six years of working and living in London, as a Computer Analyst, Lisa decides to head home to live with her parents, to attend their local university and fulfil her dream of having an English degree. Months before graduating, though, she gets a strange phone call on the landline – and on answering, she gets a huge shock... Sebastian is home – with his brother – and he actually asked to see her.
                Overwhelmed and nervous, she agrees, and heads out to met him... and what she ends up finding is that her old friend hasn’t even changed – apart from the fact he definitely looks like a Hollywood movie god and grown to be 6ft 3 of hard muscle.

                They hang out, she meets his new close friend –  Hollywood megastar Kate Whittaker – and they hit it off,  too. But... Hanging out with her old best friend, with whom she is still in love with, is not only complicated – but daunting, especially when he’s one of Hollywood’s most famous and bankable movie stars. She’s hardly in any league, let alone his. But  – bottom line – he’s still her best friend.

              She just wished he wouldn’t make it quite so difficult to keep her feelings to herself.

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