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  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hemiplegic Migraine
  • C-PTSD
  • Wheelchaiar Whizzer

THE Mortal Realm OF

The Vengeance of Mages

The Secrets of Mages

            ~ Vol. 1 ~


Ana is a Powerful BattleMage of The Coven of Earra’al, the Royal District in the Kingdom of Narayya'an. She is, in fact, one of the best.

She is an extremely Powerful Mage; Unique to the point of of it even being dangerous to her. Unlike most Mages, Ana has the Unique ability to wield Four out of the Six Elements of MagikaMost Mages have the ability to use one or two at most. The only other Mages who can usually wield more are High Sorceresses and the Grand Mage Herself (who wields All Six). Therefore — Technically — Ana shouldn’t really exist. There’s not much literature about it — and only a rare mention in the textbooks of any Mage able to wield more than two Elements at a time. Usually, it’s three at most… But Never has there been a mention of Four At Once.

Ana has spent the last four years (bar a few months) at the Coven of Earra'al in the Kingdom of Narayy'aan, which a part of the United Realms of Eall'wyye and The Borderlands of Faeh'rron. And she's managed quite well there, with good friends and proper Magika Training for her unique talents. 

    Then, her Cousin En'nii turned up, out of the blue, as if from nowhere - who she hasn't seen in more than Seven Years, since she ran away from home, aged seventeen. She wanted to forget her past - now it was back in her face, front and centre, making friends with her friends, and becoming part of her life once again.

    The Secret she's been hiding the entire time ends up exploding in both her face and En'nii's, when it finally does come to smack her in the face again.  Unfortunately, this time, it comes with a Prophesy Nobody new anything about.

     Well... Except her best friend L'eiito, who's been hiding some Secrets of his own.


It comes with an unfortunate side-effect — it means that her body has an Intense & Dangerous Reaction to the Healing.

To counter this, her Close Friend and Immensely Powerful Healer Saebasti’iaan must draw on all his skill, energy, stamina, and power to Heal her when she is injured. He is quite possibly the most Powerful Healer in all Faeh'rron, and even he struggles to keep her alive and properly Heal her.

Ana enters into a Coma with each one — the only way her body is capable, or has any chance of surviving both her injuries and the effects of the Healing. They usually last for days. It's because of this, she made sure she was one of the Best -- she rarely came out of battle with more than a few scratches and bruises. Even then, their skilled alchemists have enough potions, balms and poultices to fix most innocuous injuries.

Ana's Best Friend is L'eiito, a fellow BattleMage at the Coven, and worries sick every time she enters a Healing Coma. He refuses to leave her side until she is awake and better. They've known each other for nearly four years, after he saved her from fighting bandits alone in the woods, and brought her to the Coven for safety and to protect her.

Together, they now lead almost nightly protection teams to keep the Coven safe from Bandits and various attackers, who would attempt to sneak access into the Coven to ransack it for Magikal items, Relics, and Artifacts. These would always score a high price on the Black Market with the right people, because outside of these insular Mage cells, they were impossible to find, and therefore quite lucrative to own or trade; therefore worth the risk -- or so they thought.

It was a simple, worthwhile life, and Ana was more than grateful for it, thankful every day she endured what she'd endured, to make her way here, to her new family.

It never occurs to here it would ever be any other way of her spending her life, now. This is Home.



Born Princess Ana'sariia of Narayya'an, Ana enjoyed a light, carefree, fun and loving life, living in the Royal Palace of Narayya’an along with her Grandfather, King …. , her uncle and aunt — Crown Prince Ky’yaan and Princess Consort Khaell'yiin their daughter (her cousin) Princess Vaelen’niiaa (En’nii), and Her Parents — Princess A'aenniil and ….  Duke of Earra'al.

En’nii was her mischievous best friend, one years older, and definitely not the wiser! They played, got into trouble, were mischievous. They were normal, albeit Royal, little children.


Then…. Their worlds were turned. Upside Down.

Their Beloved Grandfather passed away too soon, from an awful disease that had been spreading through Faeh'rron, leaving the Crown to his son, making him King Ky’yaan of Narayya’an.

  • This made her cousin En’nii Crown Princess Vaelen'niia at only twelve years old, and their carefree days became darkened with En’nii having to be immediately brought into the elite Royal circle of the Ruling First Family, “Training” her in proper Royal Protocol (i.e her “Princess Lessons” as dubbed by Ana) — Special Educators in Royal Matters — from Etiquette, to Governance, to Economy & Finance — were drafted in to teach En’nii what she needed to know, several years too early for anyone’s liking.

  • Her Mother became the Second Heir To The Crown (after En’nii), and bestowed the rank of Royal Grand Princess. Her Father becomes Grand Duke.

  • Her interesting & open-hearted uncle became King, and so closed from his external family, his entire time seemingly taken up by Being The King.


However, things were still rather all right, and they all re-accustomed to themselves to this New Norm as the years went by.


One Night, when she was just 15 years old… Life As She Knew It Was To Be Destroyed —

She was fifteen when her parents went out in the Royal Carriage to a function; she refused to go and outrightly stomped off, like any dramatic teenager. That night she was woken only to be told her parents had been killed in a serious carriage accident -- with it having falling over a cliff when horses were spooked.

Ana immediately inherited the title of Royal Grand Princess from her mother… and she became the Second Heir To The Crown Of Narayya’an, after En’nii.

From being a carefree young Princess with two parents living in Palace... She became the Princess Orphan that nobody knew how to speak to anymore. Such a Tragedy was like a noose around her neck, suffocating her. Forcing her Grief for her parents to be even more than what it was.

She became one of the Elite Ruling First Family, now the “Spare” to En’nii’s Heirdome, like a younger sister to her cousin, who was less than a year older than her. She was kept in the Royal Household by being adopted by her aunt and uncle, making En'nii her lawful sister, and the King and Queen her Guardian Parents. She was, so very officially, a part of the Ruling First Family now.


Eventually, Ana Couldn’t Bear It. So, one night — not long after turning seventeen — she fled the Palace and never looked back. Until she had to return there once again, eight years later… To Be Queen.